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Rocco 2CD Album + Double Vinyl


Release Date: 15/03/2019

This multi buy includes:

  • Rocco 2CD Album
  • Rocco Double Vinyl
Like the previous two HVOB releases, ROCCO also takes a conceptual approach. Following the multimedia-based art project "Trialog" in 2015 and the cross-genre collaboration "Silk" in 2017, ROCCO relates 13 separate but dramaturgically connected narratives about letting go, farewells and new beginnings. The arc spans the entire format and uses the available space for an impressively diverse journey through the sound world of HVOB, from the fragility of the track „Bloom" to the rawness of „Butter".

HVOB have chosen the double album as a conscious statement for conceptual substance and artistic self-confidence, in contrast to the growing trend of disposable, fast-paced music consumption. In providing an extended platform to navigate their highly personal narrative, they invite the audience to listen with consideration, ignoring the barrage of online information we’re thrown every day and facilitating complete immersion in an isolated journey of musical storytelling.

CD Tracklisting:

Disc 1:

1. 2nd World
2. Eraser
3. Bloom
4. Butter
5. Sync
6. A List

Disc 2:

1. Panama
2. Zinc
3. Alaska
4. Shinichi
5. Kante
6. Go?
7. Tykwer

Vinyl Tracklisting:

Side A:

1. 2nd World
2. Eraser
3. Sync

Side B:

1. Bloom
2. Butter
3. Panama

Side C:

1. A List
2. Zinc
3. Tykwer

Side D:

1. Alaska
2. Shinichi
3. Kante
4. Go?